broken on Android Chrome?



I’m a regular user of the web site

I create a route and then save the link to it, so that I can view it and use it later on. Opening the link on Android used to split the screen into 2 parts: The top one was the map, displaying the route, zoomed correctly, while the bottom one showed the details of the route.

Recently there is a problem on Android using Chrome: When loading a formerly created route via a link, or simply by refreshing the page, the map doesn’t load correctly. Sometimes there is no map at all (the screen is not split into 2 parts at all), sometimes the map appears on a small portion of the designated area (the top third of the top half of the screen), zoomed out to a view of the whole world. Zooming and panning shows the pins of the waypoints, but most of the map’s tiles remain gray, and the path itself is not drawn.

I tried to switch the background map, and also to clear the browser’s cache, but it did not help.

I checked it on 2 different Android machines (a tablet and a cell-phone), and it seems to be the same in both cases, so I suspect it’s not a problem that is local to my machine.

I’d appreciate your help,