Low CPU while building North America Graph


I’m attempting to build a directions graph with the latest North America PBF file. I followed the Docker setup instructions, successfully launched the container, and saw the following in the logs:

2021-03-12 02:25:55,909 INFO [ors.Application] - Starting Application v6.3.6 on 7ee318a64ed3 with PID 345 (/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ors/WEB-INF/classes started by root in /ors-core)
2021-03-12 02:25:55,912 DEBUG [ors.Application] - Running with Spring Boot v2.3.5.RELEASE, Spring v5.2.10.RELEASE
2021-03-12 02:25:55,913 INFO [ors.Application] - No active profile set, falling back to default profiles: default
2021-03-12 02:25:57,638 INFO [ors.Application] - Started Application in 2.506 seconds (JVM running for 5.959)
2021-03-12 02:25:57,715 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] -  Total - 128 GB, Free - 127.41 GB, Max: 128 GB, Used - 599.72 MB
2021-03-12 02:25:57,715 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] -       
2021-03-12 02:25:57,729 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] - ====> Initializing profiles from 'data/osm_file.pbf' (1 threads) ...
2021-03-12 02:25:57,729 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] -                               
2021-03-12 02:25:57,731 INFO [routing.RoutingProfileManager] -                
2021-03-12 02:25:57,747 INFO [routing.RoutingProfile] - [1] Profiles: 'driving-car', location: 'data/graphs/car'.

However, after watching a single CPU core run hot for a period of time (maybe an hour?), the CPU usage appears to drop to (mostly) 0 and I can’t really figure out if anything else is happening. When I run a

curl localhost:8080/ors/health

I get back a { “status”: “not ready” }

Any suggestions?

CPU usage can drop a lot when it comes to downloading things like elevation data. The best way to see what is currently happening is to use a tool like VisualVM and attach to the JMX port exposed by the container (should be 9001). This is what I normally use as then you can see the RAM usage, CPU usage, and also look at what process is currently being used so you can see if it is doing something or not.
Normally if there is a problem in the build process, openrouteservice will output a message to the log, so it looks like it is running. Building something like north america though will likely take a good few hours though…

That helps, thanks! Have VisualVM connected up now. Will let you know if anything odd crops up.