Locks, and weirs which double as footpaths get excluded from routing

It seems some structures which double up as footpaths don’t get treated as routable, in the link below this shows a 5km route generated instead of the few metres it should be to cross the lock. Is there an option to make structures labelled as footpaths routable ?

I’ve checked the joins in OSM, and confirmed it should be routable with other tools like osmand.


ORS Maps (openrouteservice.org)


my best guess is that this happens because there is no highway-tag on this lock.
Have a look at our tag filtering for foot - when no highway-tag has been provided, locks won’t be considered for routing.

I am unsure whether also accepting waterway=lock_gate is the way to go. Do you have more insight into how locks and weirs are usually tagged regarding highway or foot-tags?

In any case, I will open an issue for this and report back :slight_smile:

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there is now an issue for this.
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