Locally hosting ORS

after successfully running the server, I didn’t know what code to use on my notebook to access my server, as far as I know I no longer need that api key, but which methods to use?


no, you don’t longer need an API key.
The queries are the same as in our playground, you’d just substitute the api.openrouteservice.org-part by localhost:<your-port>/ors, e.g.:


If you’re running via docker/docker-compose, then the port is directly specified in your docker-compose.yml or your docker run-command as the port that maps to 8080.

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That’s a really vague question…

What kind of deployment method did you use to run your local ORS server ?

  • Is that a docker container ?
  • Did you properly map ports ? (or firewall if not in docker)
  • How did you check that it is successfully running ? (logs ? api call ?)

What kind of notebook do you use, what are you trying to achieve with ors, and what is blocking you ?

  • Are you using a tool like postman specifically designed to work with API’s ?
  • Are you rather using a python code in a jupyter notebook (e.g. with the requests package) ? or a shell command line with curl ?
  • Do you ignore how to call any API ? Or is your issue with how to write your specific ors API call with your own data ?
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I used docker container

What about the 5 other questions ? We can’t help you if you don’t provide even the bare minimum about what you tried / what worked / what failed / what you couldn’t try ?