Live time traffic


I am working on a project in which I’d like to include live time traffic in the route

Is it possible to include some external inputs to take this in account ? I have some external data I could use to this end.

An alternative way of doing this is to add a weighting coefficient to the output of the routing calculator (ors) depending on the traffic status on the route.

Does anyone have an advice ?

I saw that you included this feature in 2016 for Germany, but it has been removed later… Is it possible to have the source code ? So I can adapt it to my own application ?


I’m not sure what level of implementation that very old feature was you’re talking about. It’s true, there was a POC for German traffic streams (or maybe it was historical data?). We don’t offer anything in that direction these days (yet/anymore), though that’s likely subject to change within the next year.

You could adapt speeds following traffic patterns after calculating a route, but that’d not take into account traffic while calculating the route. Which has little benefit.

OSRM has a real-time traffic implementation, but that’s an almost-dead project. Valhalla will get proper support soon, as Mapbox is trying to replace OSRM entirely.