Limitations on self hosted openrouteservice?


So Im looking in to this opensrouteservice thing its actually looks amazing, but I think i dont really understand something. On the site it says the seflhosted version has unlimited directions api.

Then i started looking for what is being used for directions: Graphopper

So my question is: if i know correctly graphopper has limits… So if i selfhost, doesn’t the limits of Graphopper apply or am I missing something?

HI @peter1599,

could you maybe clairfy what limits you are talking about?

The ‘unlimited’ shown on the plans page refer to daily and minutely quota. There might be limitations due to your system or network infrastrucure (see footnote).

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Graphopper has limits. Since openrouteservice using a modified graphopper… but the site says its unlimited daily and minutely quota as you said.

So isnt graphhopper limits apply here? Even if you host your own since its using a 3rd party “script” for rotuing etc…?

No, the limits don’t apply if you host your own service.

These limits are related to the graphhopper API not the source code. Same as our limits apply to our API not our source code.
You also don’t get optimization, geocoding and SLAs (as in the graphhopper free plan), but you do get Directions, Matrix and Isochrones.

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