Limitate direction by buffer

Hi, I have to calculate routing for a big number of point couple (origin-destination) in two shapefile. The qgis plugin works great but I reach easily the limitation of 2000 request/day. A way would be to limitate the finding of route in a buffer of about 1 km (it’s good for me) for every origin point. I’ve seen the parameter radiuses but I cant’ really understand as it works. Or there is another solution?


Not sure what you want to achieve… What do you want with a buffer? A request is one route over directions, no matter how short or long.

If you can live without geometry, try the Matrix. It takes up to 50x50 locations, so you can calulcate 2500 routes with one single request. But no geometry.

Thx. The buffer (or a search radius) allow me to reduce the number of routes to calculate around every point of origin.

Ah ok, so for a given origin point you only want it to route to all destination points which lie within a buffer around the origin point?

That’s best done within QGIS, before you send the requests to ORS Tools.