Limit Duration by having a time limit

Is there a way to limit the matrix to producing the results to say 4 hours in duration so the matrix doe not get to big?


no, there is no way to limit matrix to only return results of up to 4 hours.

I am, however, a bit confused about what you mean by “the matrix does not get too big”?
If you request a matrix between sources A, B, C and destinations X, Y, Z, the matrix will contain entries for all combinations of <source, destination>, i.e. it will have 9 entries. Having a limit wouldn’t really reduce data, since the data structure returned doesn’t really allow for that.
What is your use case for this? How much points do you have? If it is feasible, you could always calculate the full matrix and then disregard any result you don’t want.

What you can do otherwise is roughly pre-process your data to estimate time (calculate beeline distance and divide by max speed, gives you a lower limit) and not query matrix for source-destination combinations whose lower limit is bigger than 4 hours.

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thanks for confirming its not possible. We have nearly 10,000 locations and we only need to know how far we can drive to each of the other locations up to say 4 hours (above that those drivetimes are not required). I have a program that will calculate every permutation and then filter out those that are over 4 hours, but I wanted to ideally reduce the processing time to make the process more efficient. I have considered working out a process using straight line distance to get the initial list reduced for those that will be definitely over 4 hours, but not yet explored this as we wanted to first check if the ors configuration of the build could do it, so looks like that is something we will test next. thanks