Limit dimensions of HGV


In your interactive map calculation service: “” , for a route calculation with heavy goods vehicle: there are restrictions on the width and length of the vehicle.

• The width is limited between 2 and 5 meters

• The length is limited between 2 and 15 meters

=> Do these limits also apply for the direction API for a “driving-hgv”?
=> And if the limits are different, what are they?

The dimensions of a semi-trailer truck in Europe are 13.6 m for the trailer alone and 16.5 m with the tractor. In North America the trailer measures 16.2 m and the length with tractor is 23 m.

In Europe, a semi-trailer pulling a 2nd trailer can also reach around 25m. And in North America, “road trains” can exceed 25m (~30m).

So these lengths greatly exceed the 15 meters maximum length of your interface!

Otherwise, the Playground API suggests 5.6 m for the width as an example, while the limit of your interactive interface is 5m!

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the API-directions-endpoint for driving-hgv does not impose any restrictions on any dimension.
If you use the public API, you can set whatever you want.

We’ll have a look into changing the behaviour of the interactive interface or clarifying the imposed limits.

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