Issues with isochrones since a couple of days


since yesterday in most cases the isochrone request answers with “Unable to compute isochrone total_pop attribute.” I hope it is in relation with your maintanaince issue. /v2/isochrones/cycling-regular

Thanks for reporting the problem! It should be fixed now, please let us know in case you still experience any issues. Cheers!

Hi Andrzey,
since today my token is disabled. Some time (if I call the dashboard) I see my quota, sometimes I see the error message. What can I do?
Only one person in our company calls this script in our web site:

export default class Isochrone extends L.LayerGroup {
    constructor(latlng, radius, color, callback) {
        this.latlng = latlng;
        this.radius = radius;
        this.color = color;

        let parameters = {
            profile: 'driving-car',
            locations: [[this.latlng.lng,]],
            range: [parseFloat(this.radius)],
            range_type: 'distance',
            location_type: "destination",
            attributes : ['total_pop','area']
        let STYLE = {
            fillColor: this.color,
            fillOpacity: 0.5,
            color: 'silver',
            weight: 1.1

            .then(isochroneData => {
                if (!isochroneData || !isochroneData.features || isochroneData.features.length === 0) {
                    throw new Error("Invalid isochrone data");
                let GeoJSONLayer = L.geoJson(isochroneData.features, {
                    style: STYLE,
                    interactive: false
            .catch(err => {

At the time the API answers with CORS-problems…

The observed issues are most probably related the the server maintenance happening today and the fact that some of the services are currently down. In case things don’t clear up by Monday afternoon please don’t hesitate to reach out again. Cheers!

Thanks. On dashboard I see valid key, but playground doesnt work, because of incalid token. Lets go into wekend!