isochronous problem map

Good morning all,
I have a problem with the calculation of isochrones.
When I try to make an isochrone (5 minutes by car for example) it does not work, or a zone appears but it does not correspond to my request (it indicates to me a zone at 16 minutes whereas I indicated 5 minutes)

Do you have an idea of ​​the problem?

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what do you mean by

Please describe your problem precisely and include full request URLs / POST bodies and responses in CODE FORMAT (url/request body/response) and screenshots where appropriate.
If you are using our maps client, please share a link to the corresponding search.

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ORS Maps (

Hello, I am using the client map.
The problem is that the area (polygon) remains “blocked” on an area with an access time of 16mn40, while I modify the parameters to have an isochron of 10mn by bike / 10mn by car and 15mn walk .

Thank you for your help.

(the link above)


yes, this is indeed a bug in the client.
I’ve reported this to the proper team.

As a workaround, the old client should work until this gets fixed.

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@Nolan34 and @jschnell
This bug was just fixed.