Isochrones with fuel-usage - differentiate between highway and non-highway

Hey guys,

for my master thesis am trying to use the QGIS-Plugin to generate Isochrones from 5 Locations. For that I have setup my own instance of ORS.

Now I am trying to get the distance for a certain fuel load and have it differentiate between highway routes and non-highway routes.

E.g.: When driving on highway the vehicle is using xh amount of fuel and when driving on non-highway-routes it is using xnh amount of fuel.

My thought process was that nothing needed to be changed in the code, except how distance is calculated. When I have a tank with 100l fuel, the isochrones distance would be entered as 100 and calculated with:

newdistance_highway(fuel) = distance * xh (highway)
newdistance_nahighway(fuel) = distance * xnh (non-highway)

All I would need to change is how the distance is calculated and have it use xh or xnh whenever it is driving on a highway or non-highway.

Now I know how to get the waycategory using the normal api, but can I also access it in the qgis-plugin?

Also, (how) can I access the source code, to change variables?

Note, I’ve only been using Python and ORS for this thesis - sorry for any “stupid” questions!

Hi @onkel_butterbrot,

you once you installed the QGIS plugin, you can edit the code in the ors-tools plugin folder to make changes locally:

You should also use the Plugin reloader plugin to update ors-tools after you made changes, and also the first aid plugin to make QGIS output errors instead of crashing, when you produce exceptions during altering the code