Isochrones unequal range/interval


Hi there,

I’m using the isochrones function from R to create coverage profiles for fire engines. A problem i am facing is the that the output at the end of the line is response time. That is dispatch time + turn out time + driving time. The former two have a set model time, which is also different for organisation type. So my starting point for isochrones is a set time which differs. On the final map I want to end up with 3 minute interval of response time.

So is there a way to give unequal time intervals? eg c(30, 210, 390, 570) to correct for a start up time of 330 seconds. The work around would be to go to the lowest common denominator but that would break when I use the real more coarse times.




No idea about the R package and the maintainer is on parental leave.

The API supports a list parameter for range though, as in POST: range: [1000, 1400, 1600, 5000]


Hi Nils,

Tnx! Found it. I was running into another error whilst trying this earlier (limit in number of intervals). Now sorted.