Isochrones merge with postcode area

I’m a newbie in using QGIS and my english isn’t very good, so please excuse the following mistakes :wink:

My aim is to know which areacode are selected due to the isochrones.

I’ve a project with 300 locations. For each location I generated an isochrone (20 isochrones = 1 layer).
The attribute table from an isochrone doesn’t show the area codes, so I assume that I have to merge the layer “area code” with the layer “isochrone”. Correct?

The toolbar has an entry MMQGIS–>Combine–>Merge Layers … unfortunately it seems so, that this isn’t the correct function.

What do I have to do to achieve my goal?


Sorry, I don’t understand… What’s “area code”? Postal code? w3w?

Doesn’t even really matter: we don’t return ANY information like that… That’s what geocoding is for.

area code = postal code

jup, then my answer still stands…