Isochrones for transit in New York City in QGIS

Is there a method for including transit travel time isochrones via the ORS Tools plugin for QGIS (or via any other existing plugins)?

I’m new to the use of APIs and can’t seem to figure out whether ORS or Google Maps will let me do this calculation.



Nope, only GraphHopper and Valhalla can do this at the moment! And not in QGIS via plugins, only normal ‘add vector layer from GeoJson protocol’ and a valid query URL from one of those providers. Valhalla is available over Mapbox, though a little hidden:

Much appreciated! I took a look at Valhalla, since I already have a Mapbox account.

I’ve reached the point of Add Layer > Vector > Protocol > GeoJSON

Is there any documentation on how to set it up?

Good luck with that haha one of the worst APIs I’ve ever seen! Genius service, but clearly overengineered API. Mapbox can do POST, QGIS can’t though. Watch out URL encoding.