Isochrones for public transport?

Dear openrouteservice team,

I’m very much impressed to see such a good isochrones open source service/implementation as yours!
One question though: do you plan to provide the isochrones feature for public transport also?

Best regards,

No plans in that direction, sorry. There’s just no platfrom yet for public transport which is global and reliable, so we won’t be able to support this until the relevant companies, municipalities and governments around the world change their data policies, I fear. Really a pity.

Thanks Nils for the quick response! :slight_smile:

How about Transitland ?
It seems they make the effort to gather transit information for public transport and offer that via API.
They seem to have collected quite some data from different providers, but it seems incomplete though:
On the one hand there are FlixBus connections around Heidelberg, also tram lines, etc., but e.g. the train stop at Wiesloch-Walldorf is completely missing and you can see other “gaps” in the map.
You can play around with their data in the Mobility Explorer

@orzechow do you know ?

If there is free GTFS data available for the city you are interested in and it’s not already available via Mapnificent, you could add it:

We know Transitland, but I remember there are some serious restrictions using their infrastructure and setting it up locally is not really straight forward. Also, since Mapzen went belly up contributions dropped massively. I don’t think any organization took responsibility there unfortunately, though works on it a little at a time.

Anyways, it’s a very nice and useful project and we’ll be watching it.