Isochrones for more than 60min

Will be possible to render isochrones for dostance bigger, than 100km and time longer, than 60min?

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Yes, if you install your own ORS locally:


How about for someone, who is completely fresh in developing?

Will this optipon be runned for public in the future?

In foreseeable future, yes. Still, might be end of the year of mid next year, can’t tell for sure at this point.

Ok thanks,

The giode for Docker installation doesn’t help me enough. I have no file like .index.html in the repository. How can I launch the ORS engine on my individual purpose? Is it via html of do I need to use python, etc?

Sorry, we can’t provide much more support than that. Best to ask someone you know to help. It’s very simple if you know your way around Docker and general API infrastructure. If not, it can be painful, I know.

Anyway, thank you for your help. I am still one step further, knowing about this repository. I hope, that this tool will be developed up to i.e 2h drive by the end of the year. It would be brilliant. Cheers mate.

Hi, I’m wondering if there has been any update since? Is the 2h drive time option already somehow available? Thanks!

I’m also wondering if there are any updates

Check out this blogpost:

The new functionality is there. It currently only runs on a local instance, though.