Isochrones for emergency vehicles -> increase travel speed

I’m working on a project to calculate isochrones which represent the response area of emergency vehicles in a specified time window.
For this, I set up my own docker instance of ors and use the API for the isochrone calculation (base_url=‘localhost:8080…’).
In order to get more realistic isochrones for the (different) emergency vehicle, I want set the speed limit for different kind of streets higher, as well as increase the average travel speed.
Is there an easy way to configue a profile for the emergency vehicle, neglecting the OSM speed limits or increase these, and use it in my local ors build?
I read, that ors only uses it’s own speed limits secondary if no OSM data for a path is given. Maybe there is a possibility of increasing the OSM speed limits with a scale factor?

Thanks in advance for your help.


have a look here as this is rather closely related.

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