Isochrone with differents factors

Hello everyone,

I’m using ORS Tools with Qgis 3.16 in order to create Isochrone.
Everything work fine for simple few Isochrone.

Now I would like to create Isochrone using differents factors/ parameters. I want to replace minute or distance by CO² emissions.
The goal is to see wich areas ara accesible with a given CO emissions.
Do you think that is possible ? Do you have any ideas of where i should start ?

Thanks for your answers,

Kevin from France

Hi Tonnoss,

this would be possible, but it is a rather large development project with loads of details that might be problematic.
In the most basic form, you can start by looking at how we write the data to the graph in OSMReader by using the FlagEncoders. I think the CO2 that is emitted along each road segment (called and edge) must be stored in an additional extendedStorage. Then you need to modify the class SPTEntry to use a normal weight and an additional stopping criterion, the CO2 that is still “available to be used”. Then you need to modify a routing algorithm to actually use that class and handle the CO2 stopping criterion. Lastly you need to integrate all of it into the API.
As I said, this is a lot of work, sorry.

Cheers Hendrik

Hi Hendrik,

Thanks for your clearly answer. All you said is interessant and I’ll have a look at it. But I think i’m not good enough to make it now.

Have a nice day.