Isochrone for small distances (pedestrian)

Hi all,
I just discovered this tool, it is really great!
I’m wondering if there are some minimal distances to get an accurate map. I have been doing isochrone calculation in a zone with a canal and no bridge within 3 min walk and yet the accessible zone is going over the water. (see picture below).
I was trying to make a point that this zone is kind of an enclave for pedestrians due to the canal but the map doesn’t go in this direction.

Thanks for your tips :wink:

Best regards.

Hi @chloemis

Do you have another link to the image as that one doesn’t seem to work?

Hi Adam,
Here is the link to the map, better?,4.321536&b=2&i=0&j1=10&j2=2&g1=-1&g2=0&d=6&k1=en-US&k2=km
And here the image again

Yup, that loads now :slight_smile:

For shorter distances the isochrones are always a little off because of how the polygons are generated. But you are right that it shouldn’t go over into the other side of the canal. We will have a look into it to see if there is some way of making it more accurate.