Isochrone area measurement unit

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I couldn’t find the isochrone area measurement unit (sq feet, sq km, etc.) in the documentation. Does anyone know what it is?


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It can’t be. I am getting results such as:

So area cannot be m2 if total_area_km is in km2

I am very interested in the area field as it is the only field returned for the intersection polygon when two overlapping isochrones are generated.

I so wish the API would return the size of the intersection, the population of the intersection as well as the size and population of the disjoinned isochrones

Yes, it can be. It’s a bit confusing at the moment though. total_area_km is in km2 and correct, since calculated in Mollweide. area had a bug previously and was falsely calculated in WGS84 in m2. We changed this to Mollweide, but that change is not live yet on all servers. When it’s live total_area_km is deprecated (remove) and area will be correct in m2.

Thanks for the answers!