Isochrone and maxspeed:conditional

Hello there from France,

I’m using ors, in particulary the isochrone tool which is very useful.
I made isochrones few years ago and now, doing exactly the same i see various results.

So i’m guessing what could have changed.
I live near Strasbourg, and some highways (trunks) have now very specific maxspeed (e.g.

So here is my question (i searched but i could’nt find an answer) : what information are taken in the algorithm ?
In this example, did the algorithm consider a 90 km/h maxspeed ? or a 80, or a 70 ?
Can i force the algorithm with the least restrictive values ?

Many thanks for you help.

Thanks for reaching out!

For the time being the algorithm will only take the base 90 km/h speed limit into account. We have a prototype implementation of a time-dependent routing algorithm which correctly resolves the 70 maxspeed but it’s not in production yet. Re the weight-depending conditional, we don’t consider it yet.

Greetings from Heidelberg