Isochrone Algorithm

Can someone explain why the isochrone for 1.5 mile (2414 meters) distance wouldn’t cover sparse areas such as below screenshot example?

I see good results with other points (Fire Stations) but I’d have to explain why these areas aren’t covered by the isochrone area? Especially when one of them is so close to a fire station.

Thanks for all the great work in developing this out! Best, Don

Well, this is almooost what you’d expect from sparse data, right? You know that we’re only considering the road network. So if there is no roads, there is no reachability.

However, it still leaves out roads which should be inside the isochrone. We’ll have an update today or tmrw which fixes a few isochrone problems. It’s mostly a polygon generation problem, when it needs to produce an envelope from the point cloud of eligible streets. Smth we’re not very good at recently. We WILL fix this at some point, but not enough resources at the minute.

Hi Nils,
Thank you…really appreciate the effort you’re all putting into this to make it better.

Best, Don