Is Possible to Auto-balance routes in open route service optimization?

I’m currently using the optimization part from own customized backend but i’m facing a problem when Auto-balance route.
How to enforce nearest vehicle to the all jobs based on customized setting(true or false)?
options1 : 1 vehicle = force this jobs to this vehicle
options2 : multiple vehicles = assign to the most optimal vehicles and jobs(usual process)
Thanks in advance!!


if I understand correctly, you’re trying to force some specific jobs on some specific vehicles, while still optimizing job assignment and vehicle assignment of the rest.

Have a look at the VROOM API docs.
Both jobs and vehicles can have a skill assigned to them.

This can be used to force certain vehicles to certain jobs.
If a job requires skill 5 and only one vehicle provides skill 5, this will force this vehicle to take this job.

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oh okay thank you @jschnell

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