Is Indoor Routing with ORS possible?

Hi all,

I am a new user of the OpenRouteService and am currently facing the use case of navigating in buildings. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any examples so far and wanted to ask if some of you have already made experience with it and/or can estimate if indoor navigation with the OpenRouteService is possible.


the openrouteservice operates on data from the OpenStreetMap.
If indoor ways are mapped on the OpenStreetMap, then the ors will happily route over them.

A good example for this is this route through Heidelberg Main Station that goes through the main station building, since the ways in there are mapped as foopath or similar.

However, the ors currently does not include highway:corridor and also doesn’t include anything tagged with indoor:*.

Have a look at this example - this is a route around a university building that has a bunch of corridors and rooms mapped indoors which the ors currently does not include.

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