Invalid API key or access to this API has been disallowed


my API is valid and I still have Quota (screenshot) , but without any reason, I am getting following Error Message on the API playground “Invalid API key or access to this API has been disallowed”.
On my Website I get the Error message:
“The server is temporarily unable to service your
request due to maintenance downtime or capacity
problems. Please try again later”

I didn’t break any rules or didn’t make any changes and everything was working until today.


Just using the API Playground, without making any changes, but it is still not working!
Just worked once today in the morning and now it is failing again.

I just found out, that it is not working with the profile parameter “driving-car”. The others are fine.
Am I the only one, who is facing this issue at the moment?

Hi @ibodc

profile is down right now, we are working on it.

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And it should work again.

Had some difficulties with our load-balancers, which should be resolved now.

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Apologies for hopping in on this but I’m also getting the same issue, currently trying to pull Isochrones through both driving-car and driving-hgv and both of them are returning the 403 API error above, the same key can run routes readily enough though. I checked the status and it’s claiming the driving-car and driving-hgv are both up and have been for several hours now, so I’m not what’s going on with Isochrones in particular.

And yes, I still have 470 / 500 isochrones available for the day.


we had a misconfiguration in our API playground. If you issued your requests from there or if you copied one of the example codes, then that probably didn’t work.

The API should be functional now, so if you’re still experiencing issues or didn’t take your request from the playground, please share your request and PM us your key - there might be something different wrong here.

Best regards