Installing ORS map to existing vue project?

I found this ORS map client on GItHub that uses Vue:

I want to add, ORS to existing vue project, is there a possability?
Or i need to somehow merge two aplications?


Hi @konstantinburcev,

depends on your existing project.
If you already have a map application, it would probably better to use openrouteservice-js to add routing logic.

Otherwise you could try taking the ors-map-client repo as a base and add the parts from your other project.

A complete merge of 2 projects is quite a heavy task and i would advise against that.

Notice: The ors-map-client will see quite some changes in the upcoming months, as we are currently reworking quite some internal parts

best regards


Hello, again

and which map applications you suggest for ORS?


What i’m saying is:
If you don’t have a map application already, you can use the ors-map-client as base.
But if you have some App that uses Leaflet or Openlayers already, you could use the ors-js package.

I have no idea what your existing project looks like…

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God bless you @amandus for such fast anwsers.
Basically the project don’t have any maps now, but it have other sections like users, tables, charts etc.
so new section will be with map, and unfortenatelly I dont have any esxperience with maps it is hard to understand how to start inmplementig map to project.

So far as I understood, i could install Leafted map library, and then add openrouteservice-js ?
Or maybe you can suggest other solutions?


Yes that would be a way to go forward.
Here is an example for isochrones:

But you can also just take a look at the Leaflet documentation.
Our API can return GeoJSON which can be easily added to a Leaflet map.

Best regards

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