Install it on Ubuntu instructions?

Hello dear devs.
I really would like to install this directly on my Ubuntu server, to serve for directions on my projects, but I am unable to find any tutorial on this.
Please - if it is not much of trouble - redirect me such tutorial, or give me some guidabnce.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @YordanY,

i hope you mean Ubuntu.
Please take a look out our backend documentation installation instructions.
The easiest way is to install ORS with docker.

Best regards

Emh… I am looking to avoid by all means possible the docker, and somehow the installation instructions lack such tutorial.
( yes, sorry about the mistake on Ubuntu, thinking on my native language sometime produce such mistakes )


no worries, that happens :wink:

The linked page has “Building from Source” as a subsection, is that what you’re looking for?

Best regards