Install an ORS backend with MINGW64

Hello everyone,

I tried to install an ORS backend for France to my PC (Windows 11) to avoid quotas by using distance matrix. I have followed this video using a Linux machine and I applied the different steps by using MINGW64 given that the design is similar to Linux:

It works for the basis installation, because I tried some standard request like in the video (apparently the basis map is a portion of Germany) and it works.

But when I tried to put the map for France france-latest.osm.pbf by inserting this in “docker-compose.yml” the command seems to launch normally (docker compose etc.), but finally when I tried to get directions for Paris to Lyon by the following request it does not work:


and it displays:

“error”: {
“code”: 2099,
“message”: “Unable to get an appropriate route profile for RoutePreference = driving-car”
“info”: {
“engine”: {
“build_date”: “2023-11-16T15:05:04Z”,
“version”: “7.2.0”
“timestamp”: 1703592044631

Can anyone help me? I am not a professionnal (very newbie) for IT and coding.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

François Luciardi

Hi @fluciardi,

did you set the BUILD_GRAPHS=TRUE in your docker-compose.yml?
You could also remove the ./docker/graphs folder and just restart the container.

Best regards