Input point layer Error

Hi, when I try to generate isochrones using a point layer with any number of points, I get an error

/QGIS/QGIS3\profiles\default/python/plugins\ORStools\proc\", line 215, in processAlgorithm
id_field = source.fields().field(id_field_id)
KeyError: ‘-1’

I don’t have the issue if I select a point from the canvas map. I cannot figure out how to fix the issue.


You’re already the second one with that question and it’s not even online for a day… Ibhave to fix that.

Actually you just have to specify an ID field from the dropdown in the Processing GUI. That’s it.

Still, let me know if it’s works pls!


It’s fixed in Should be online in the plugin repo within the day.

Thanks Nils, choosing an ID fixed it.