Input file for route calculation

Hello everybody, a simpl question, I need to generate trip calculation for a series of couple of lat lon. I saw that there is the possiblity to input the site with a geojson file, could you please show me an example of the correct format?


where did you see that?
If you’re wondering about the geojson-format, have a look at rfc7946 which specifies it.

As far as I’m aware of, the openrouteservice does not accept geojson as an input, but just as an output. Have a look at our API documentation to see how that works.

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HI, thanks for your feedback, I’ll to better explain. I mean in the OpenRouteService route planner - directions, isochrones and places there is the possibility to insert manually start and destination for route calculation, but there is also the possibility to import a file with coordinates (I suppose). Now I will read the specs you sent me