Inject API answer into maps client

Dear community

After playing around with the API, I finally got a very nice route. Now, I’d like to show it within the maps client, similar to the example answer you get within the API Playground. BUT: I did not find any documentation or forum post on how to do this and entering my waypoints (generated by V2 > Directions > {Profile} > Post | ORS API ( into the URL just overwhelms the maps client url lenght. How can I come from the waypoints answer in JSON to a nice <iframe> -integration in my website?


Hi @axylo,

you can use the /geojson endpoint and store the result (e.g. download)
And in the map client click the import file button in the sidebar and drag your route there.

Then it should display in the app. (Probably you need to click the “show all features” button on the right side of the map as well.)

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Hi @amandus

Perfect, thank you very much, this worked.
Now, I’d like to integrate this into my web app where I do have the whole json stored in a database. How can I pass this data into an iframe? (Basically, the very same as openroute does in the API Playground)

May be the question is very stupid - but I’ve been trying to reverse-engineer the API Playground website, checking docs and git repos - no hint found… :frowning:

Hi community

Solved my issue by basically following these two tutorials:

The openroute service API used for getting the JSON was: V2 > Directions > {Profile} > Geojson > Post | ORS API (