Increasing isochrone detail / vertex density?

I’ve set-up ORS through docker, and I was wondering if there’s any way to increase vertex density for the isochrones… maybe through the configuration file or some other means?

Here’s a comparison of isochrones from different APIs:


there’s a bunch more options for isochrones than this post suggests, since they are using the QGIS plugin, which is unfortunately not feature-complete regarding the API :frowning:

You can have a look at the other request options in our API docs.
In particular, the setting you’re looking for is the smoothing-parameter. Setting this to a low value (like 0) will produce less generalized results.

If you’d like to see more features like smoothing or maybe other parameters implemented in the QGIS plugin, leave a comment or open an issue in the corresponding repo - If there’s feedback from the community, that’s always great to hear.

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Thanks a bunch! That really clears things out.

I was also wondering if there’s a way to change the default value of smoothing, in case there’s no smoothing parameter provided. This is because I’m aiming to make ORS be accessible to a set of less technical users.



I don’t think there is a way to change the default value of smoothing.
What do you mean by

If you’re wrapping ors-queries in any way, you could set a default smoothing-value yourself if it is not provided by a user.

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A change to this line in your local installation might do it