Inconsistent ascent/descent/elevation results when querying a route in both directions

I’ve started to exploring the API but have found some strange results related to elevations that I can’t explain and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction please.

Specifically, I’ve used the directions service to separately query directions between 2 points, in both directions, using the following bodies -

{"coordinates":[[-0.25606513,51.313863],[-0.26376843,51.326562]], "elevation":"true"}

{"coordinates":[[-0.26376843,51.326562],[-0.25606513,51.313863]], "elevation":"true"}


  • The first response gives an descent of 65.5 metres and a 0 ascent, but
  • the second response gives an ascent of 62.2 meters and a 0 decent

This inconsistency is also apparent in the geometry coordinates, where the respective endpoints match each other in lat/long but have discrepancies (3m and 6.3m) in elevation.

All suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated!

Hi @iano,

this is actually a known issue

Feel free to leave a thumbs up or message in the thread, to bump it

best regards

Thanks @amandus . I’d checked here for similar questions before posting, but hadn’t thought to check github.