Impracticable Starting Point


I’m working on a project using the ORS API. So far everything have been working extremely good, but I noticed a weird behaviour today. On one of my direction calls, there is the starting point of a specific route that is located on the other side of a river and is, thus, impracticable.
I did a schema :

The input coordinates are generated from the camping site (in light green). The entrance of this camping site is located on the side of the desired starting area, on the “Avenue de Venasque”.
I browsed through the topics and came to the conclusion that it might be a problem with Openstreetmap not properly handling the river. I however checked and it appears that the river is recognized in the good location (although I’m not an OSM expert).
Any idea on why is it reacting like that ?

Thank you very much,


Hi @Fallkan

that will be because to generate a route, routing algorithms will look for the road closest to the point provided. The base data (graph) knows nothing about the features in the environment that are not roads and so the algorithms can’t know that there is a river between the provided start point and the road that is closest to it.

The only way around this (other than moving the start point closer to the correct road) is to add roads that are inside the campsite to OSM (making sure they connect to the main road), and then they would be closer to the start point than the one that is over the river.

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