I don't get how to use your geocoding api in javascript

Hello again,
I didn’t make it with the google geocoding API so I was looking at your geocoding API, and i dont get how to use it…
if you could brief it would be awesome.
thanks a lot

Hi @LeDouf,

please read the documentation for the geocode endpoint.
You can generate a JS example there, or directly use our JS package.

Best regards

Hello ser,
i was reading it while you send me this message, could you help me, I have no idea about how to pass a customer input in parameter like through a search bar or something, i’m doing the search bar atm but how to put an input in parameter
Sorry, my english is very bad…
hope you will understand me.

Sorry, but these are basic JS problems nothing ors specific, try to find some JS tutorials in your favourite search engine for this.

sorry, i’m a beginner I started 3 month ago…
the point i’m not understanding is :
should I put the input directly in parameter or the json value of the input in parameter ?
because your API require latlng value and I dont get how to get these values after the geocoding process
If this doesn’t make sense which is possible :confused:
could you guide me to a search point please ?
thanks a lot for being so reactive

try google in general. You won’t come around searching for stuff, and usually most questions you will have are already answered, so your job is to find the answer.
You will do that faster, if you are specific in your search.

Also if you create topics, be specific! Give as much info as possible for others to understand the context you are working in, but as little as needed.
I don’t know what you are doing exactly from what you are writing.
I guess something with text input fields and trying to use the value within a variable.

If you e.g. post the relevant code part, it would be a lot easier to help.

But still all the info you need is either in our API documentation, which states what format the requests need to have and the responses will have. You can generate a JavaScript example with the click of a button for the geocoding endpoint, which shows you what the input in native JS needs to be.
You can look at the examples in the openrouteservice-js repository if you want to use that package.

Or just try both and see which works?

Best regards

thanks a lot for all these informations :slight_smile: !
Have a nice day.