HTTP -- 502 Bad Gateway


Dear ORS,

Recently I’ve experienced a lot of 502 bad gateway errors around the Matrix API. It looks to me as if a reply from a proxy is timing out, as the 502 happens consistently at the 1 minute mark (1.09s).

So far I’ve seen that using a smaller matrix size 6x6 is working as it takes less time to resolve.
Am I doing something wrong?

A sample of my original query:

“locations”: [[4.938574,52.404254],[6.416581,52.530271],[4.392741,52.057036],[5.088932,51.739693],[6.572343,53.008928],[4.871871,51.660023],[4.780813,52.155521],[5.18499,51.586974],[5.085441,51.577416],[5.779177,51.742695],[4.861313,51.947939],[6.660562,52.351922],[5.555264,51.615665],[5.693136,51.458575],[6.759829,52.243913],[4.950915,51.843195],[4.466534,52.134268],[4.291974,51.53868],[5.938097,51.635522],[5.844193,50.99651],[4.506073,52.048609],[5.316014,51.864191],[6.088112,53.109017],[4.769521,51.60141],[4.440487,52.209215],[6.504089,53.335411],[4.3094,51.849874],[5.069207,52.499906],[6.762564,52.244023],[5.939294,52.933121],[5.847102,51.833609],[5.073786,51.682315],[5.067633,51.589288],[6.377426,51.891431],[4.997931,52.518493],[6.27141,51.973671]],
“metrics”: [“distance”, “duration”],
“units”: “m”


I am also experiencing the same issue.

It has been days now.

Hopefully it’s going to be addressed soon.


I think we found the issue, now we just have to hot-fix it. We’ll update the open threads once it’s fixed.


Thank you for the reply Nils! That might have just saved my thesis :stuck_out_tongue:



Oops;) Well, if you need it only for a smallish region like Baden-Württemberg/half a country, you can always quickly install it yourself:

Interestingly it’s all fine that way, at least for driving-* profiles. foot-walking is somehow super slow, even locally.


fixed nowwwwwwwwwwww


Cheers Nils, You guys are amazing!