How to monitor data import progress

I’m trying to run an instance of openrouting service in EKS. It starts fine with a small pbf files but it seems to be stuck when importing a 12GB pbf file for North America.
I have provisioned it with 16 core machine and started java with -xmx=40g (which should be more than enough considering the recommendation that the app needs three times more ram than the size of the import file - 12gb).
The service is initialising for 20 hours already but hasn’t come to a ready state.
At times, the CPU and IO utilization was zero for hours and the system seemed idle but then all of a sudden generated a bunch of files in the elevation_cache directory and that become idle again.
I’m not using a burstable instance so it isn’t the CPU credit starvation issue.

So the bottom line:
What hardware do I need to import a 12 Gb file? What do I need besides RAM?
How long should it take?
How do I monitor the progress?

Thank you!

Eventually, it took 24 hours to process the data. Is this expected?


yes, for large pbf files running more than one profile, this is expected.

Best regards