How to make more than one API call

I am creating a mobile app where I am displaying a route on the map based on selected distance. My app successfully does this however, when I go back and try a different distance I get a unsuccessful http response and I have to refresh my app to select a new distance.

Is there any way to call the API more than once instead of me refreshing my app after searching one route each time? I am using the code provided in the openrouteservice distance documentation.

Hi @Williamk28,

please provide a more precise description of the problem.

We don’t know how your app works internally and how it handles API calls…

What is going back and trying a different distance? Are you sending another request?

You can call the openrouteservice API as often as you have quota left for the day, which you can check in your openrouteservice dashboard. If you need to refresh the whole app, there is a problem with how you built the app.

I’m not sure what documentation you are talking about. Could you provide a link please?

Best regards