How to keep waypoints with the output direction file?

Hi everybody, do you know if there is a way to generate a direction-from-points file output (1 layer) WITH keeping the waypoints that I put in the Input section ? I’m using ORS Tools for QGIS.

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Hi @tdpn34
it’s not really clear from this what you are trying to do…

Hi Adam, I just want to have a file showing points and the line, instead of the line only (when I use the direction-from-points file output in ORS Tool for QGIS

I don’t think there is any way of doing that in the current implementation. If you want to keep points that are selected as waypoints, then you would need to create these in a scratch layer within QGIS before running the tool, and then use that layer as the source


I don’t use QGIS (which I don’t know) but with Leaflet to display maps and tracks after calculating the route I export it with the calculated route (to reuse the track without recalculating), the points with the geocoding information and the instructions in the route properties in gejson format.

You ca look my code at:

When I reload the geojson or the GPX, I recalculate the route with the stored points if there is more than two waypoints.
I store the instructions for a future need: to display the track and guidance instructions without having to call back the service.