How to get rid of waypoints in existing route on openroute service?

Hi there,
in my route I would like to see the line only. My own imported route data must have contained some waypoints which I would like to get rid of in order to have a better overview of the final product. If I delete waypoints, the route is being destroyed little by little. How can I avoid this?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Günter,

in general, when constructing a route, the ors will try to compute the shortest route from a given starting point via all given waypoints to a given end point. Thus, deleting waypoints will change the route, which is an intended feature.

Are you trying to get rid of waypoints in your route or in the visualization of the route? I’m afraid the first might not be an option when using the ors as a routing tool, the second would have to be a feature request regarding the client which may or may not get implemented.

In order to better understand your problem, could you provide the route you’re importing and whether you’re using the new responsive client or the old classic client?

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Hi Jakob,

thank you for reacting so quickly. I’m trying to show the route for a local running event:

I would like to enrich the site with this openrouteservice map (my own gpx data):,8.457057,47.644478,8.462433,47.638893,8.468418,47.63821,8.473225,47.641487,8.467163,47.644726,8.46608,47.644627,8.473518,47.646385,8.470485,47.648743,8.46976,47.651283,8.474307,47.65015,8.478728,47.649342,8.471824,47.646687,8.472348,47.644924,8.47685,47.642723,8.469687,47.641926,8.46991,47.643822,8.467841,47.644608,8.471283,47.644661,8.469086,47.648842,8.464793,47.655586,8.46693,47.651566,8.461085,47.645142,8.458695,47.645157,8.457084&b=2&c=0&k1=de&k2=km

Participants who are not familiar with the local route can get to know it on the screen at home, for example. My first idea was a static thing, so at the moment I have not thout about whether to use a responsive or rather classic client. (The “old one” would do the job, right?)

To answer your question concerning the waypoints: I believe I meant the visualization of the route. Can that be cured easily?




as far as I’m aware, the old client doesn’t provide any method to hide the route waypoints. As it is not being actively developed at the moment, I don’t think that will become an option anytime in the future.

I tried importing the .gpx-file provided on the Klettgaulauf-website you linked, and it rendered it only containing 5 Waypoints. Together with the map setting to display distance markers (accessible via the “Settings”-cogwheel in the top right of the sidebar), in my eyes this gives a very nice overview over the route.
Displaying distance markers is unfortunately a browser-related setting, i.e. averyone would have to turn that on for themselves :frowning:

As for using the new responsive client instead, I’m also not aware of hiding waypoints being a feature and I don’t know whether it’ll become one in the future. If you want to encourage that, feel free to open an issue in the corresponding repo. However, the file import is currently not working as intended. We’re aware of it but cannot guarantee a time frame for fixing this.

That being said, I’m not completely convinced the ORS is the correct tool for what you’re trying to accomplish. As delighted as we are to see you using it, as you stated yourself, you seem to want a static display for a fixed route - and as the ORS is a routing service, it is not directly built for this kind of application.

I hope this helps you out,