How to get and to know all the possible map tiles values

i would like to know how to find or get all possibe tiles’ names?according to the tutorial i am following here:

it used to different map tiles for two different examples. the firsr is tiles=“Mapbox” and the latter was tiles=“Stamen Terrain”

my question is, are map tiles are designated words which i have to use them as they are or they are just any radom words. In other words, when I changed tiles=“Stamen Terrain” to any other words the code did not compile and generated an error. Thus, occure into my mind such a question. if the map tiles are spcific terms one should stick to and abide by, then what are they?how can i get a list or enumeration of all the possible tiles values-


Hi @amrmb ,

sorry but i think you are in the wrong forum for this.
But try reading the folium documentation of classes you are using e.g.
which lists different options.

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