How to get an offer for extended quota

Dear all,

I’d like to use openrouteserver for a new system, which has the need to get routing information. So far openrouteservice provides exactly the needed features.

I now need to get estimation of the cost of being able to issue more requests than 2000.
So I send an email to (subject: openrouteservice plan) on 12.02.20, bud did not get any answer. Should I send it to another mail?

Yes, we got your mail. Following the banner you see up on this page: no, sorry, we’re not able to support commercial enquiries.

Hi Nils,

thanks for your answer.
The banner further say’s:

However, if you’re in need of support for openrouteservice for a commercial endeavor, please contact us on and we can discuss options.

As with my mail I wanted to ask the price for raising the quotas (from my point of view this is absolutely a commercial request?) I sent an email.

So does this mean, that you received my mail and I will get an answer, or that you received my mail and you will not send me an answer?

If you do not send me an answer- is this a temporary situation or will openrouteservice not be/allowed to sell products/service?


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Pinging here… got no answer