How to get a link w/ coordinates

Hi guys,

Sorry for the probably stupid topic, but I would like to know how to generate a link like this by myself

htt ps://,Saarbrücken,SL,Germany/data/{“coordinates”:“null,null;6.9964027404785165,49.234581451570435”,“options”:{“zoom”:14,“profile”:“cycling-regular”,“preference”:“recommended”}}

I tried to explore openrouteservice’s interface but honestly I do not understand how to obtain something similar.

I need to create some links where, like in the link above, it’s known the destination’s place with its coordinates, and the start’s coordinates are “null,null”.

Furthermore, I need to set it as a car route not “cycling-regular” as above.

Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:

Hi @Sephixas,

for the information to show in the URL you need to uncheck the following in the advanced settings:

Then just create destination point with the profile you want to use and copy the url. E.g.:ße%20427,Frankfurt%20am%20Main,HE,Deutschland/data/{"coordinates":"null,null;8.738250732421877,50.123219580802434","options":{"zoom":16,"profile":"driving-car","preference":"recommended"}}

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Finally, I can finish my project!

Wish the best for you, and thanks again!