How to generate routes for South America with ORS API Backend?


I am running Openrouteservice ( on Netbeans IDE 12.1 with Tomcat 8.5.59, I have successfully tested the following requests: http://localhost:8080/openrouteservice/v2/directions/driving-car?start=8.648548,49.397611&end=8.650962,49.398917, http://localhost:8080/openrouteservice/v2/directions/driving-car?start=8.681495,49.41461&end=8.687872,49.420318. Now, I want to get routes from South America with the following request: http://localhost:8080/openrouteservice/v2/directions/driving-car?start=-70.655125,-33.446707&end=-70.656927,-33.448175, could someone help me with the steps that I need and the necessary settings to achieve my goal. Thank you

if your first request works, then you’re already halfway there.
What you need to change: in the openrouteservice/src/main/resources/app.config, you will have to change the openstreetmap file to the area you want to do routing in. This is probably the South American file, which you can download from e.g.
This will build the openrouteservice for the specified area. Be aware that building the whole graph for SA will need a large amount of RAM, depening on the profiles you choose. For building just the car profile, I’d recommend at least 10GB, no guarantees.


Thank you very much for the answer, I will follow the steps and tell you how it goes.