How to Extract Geo-Locations at Specific Intervals Along a Route?

Hey everyone.
As the title suggests, I am searching for a way to return multiple Long/Lat points on a route at a specific interval. So for every 50 metres on a route, I want the locations of these interval points, for example.

I already tried a solution, that is a bit too computational intensive and not suitable for my needs. I basically drew the route on a map, cut each line between two points in my desired interval and then inserted these points back into an array that i fired back into the directions api… This gave me about 50/50 correct results.

Now I’m thinking of incorporating Isochrones into the mix… But maybe someone can help me or guide me into the right direction before I end up with 500 Api calls or so :slight_smile:


Hi @Nigel,

that’s geometric processing for which you need a geo library for your preferred programming language e.g.:

or with JS you could use tuf to output multiple points at your desired intervals e.g.

const line = turf.lineString([[coords], [from], [route], [..]]);

let along = turf.along(line, 0.05);  // probably needs options

You would need to increase the distance until it surpasses the route length.

Best regards