How to export routes?

I created a route on the website.
After downloading as GPX Format I get a GPX track with tracksegments and trackpoints.

How do I get a GPX route with routeelements?

The website shows “Download route” and saves a track.

Hey @Rudolf

Did you try both GPX formats available?

Standard GPX results as a GPX-Track.

ORS API GPX results as a GPX-Route. But it contains far to much data.
With long routes (for example 10 waypoints) the file is to large to download (with Firefox).

Another remark:
The downloaded GPX-File shows all data in one or two lines. That’s very unhandy to check.
I propose a “new line character” after each GPX-Point.

Hi @Rudolf

I guess you the same person who has created two issues on the maps client repository. Is that right?

The ORS API GPX contains the route points generated by the ORS API. In the case you want to download very large routes you can use directly the API Dashboard | ORS

The generated file is optimized to be as smaller as possible. If we add several new lines, then the browser download size would be reached with even smaller routes.

Kind regards,

Hi @amoncaldas,

you are right. I created the new issues.

I don’t need the ORS API GPX, because it contains to much data.

A small GPX-route-file will be helpful.
<rtept lat="49.875892" lon="8.617244">