How to configure Pelias, Vroom and ORS to work togehter?

I’m working on a project where I need to find directions, solve VRP issues as well as reverse geo lookups. In other terms, I need to create a in-house version of the - just with the Vroom project integrated.

I don’t seem to be able to find any documentation about configure ORS to accept the other services, so that I can take advantage of the following endpoints from ORS, as listed in the API docs - yes I know, that it says that ORS are running the Pelias and vroom service on the hardware as well.

  • /optimization
  • /geocode/search
  • /geocode/autocomplete
  • /geocode/search/structured
  • /geocode/reverse


the mentioned endpoints are not provided by the openrouteservice, but by the corresponding services.

That you can access our instances via as well is not due to the openrouteservice itself, but due to our live API setup.
Thus, if you want to access your own instances, you can

  • not do that via the openrouteservice, but connect to the services directly


  • set up your own proxies such that all services are available from one URL.

I’d recommend the former, especially if you’re looking to provide an instance to the maps client.
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Alright, thank you.

Though it’d be nice if it was possible to configure so that ORS would automatically proxy it.

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