How to adjust steepness of a route?

I created a route between two points withe the profile Mountainbike. I thought I could adjust the steepness level, if the route is to steep or to flat. I can’t find the option to do this. Does the map provide these option? If so, where can I find it. If not, does the api support steepness adjustment?


I assume you’re trying to set a steepness preference or limit and then calculate a route according to that preference.

There is a parameter “hidden” in "options":{"profile_params":{"weightings":{"steepness_difficulty":1}}} which, according to the docs, specifies the fitness level for cycling-* profiles.
Level: 0 = Novice, 1 = Moderate, 2 = Amateur, 3 = Pro. The preferred gradient increases with level.

However, I don’t think this will guarantee any explicit maximum steepness, and the parameter is not available in any of our clients.

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