How to access most up-to-date OSM data in ORS

I am having a couple of routing problems in the Peak District. I edited OpenStreetMap last week, and found a disconnected junction and some permissions not correct, so I fixed them. This has had no effect yet. Is there another way, or how long should I wait for my edits to have effect on openrouteservice? The examples are at,-1.630268,53.447171,-1.634345&b=2b&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

We’ll soon have resources to build new graphs every week, but even then it’ll take approx 1-2 weeks. Building one single graph takes up to 4-5 days.

That’s fine, and useful to know. Can I find out more about how this all works? I am thinking it would be nice to be able to check the effects of OSM edits on routing quickly at a local scale, but it sounds like you do global updates. I guess this is an idea for the OSM interface rather than for you.

Yeah, we do global updates, right. OSM edits are updated in their database instantly, but AFAIK there’s no service available which lets you download instant extracts from OSM. One day later they’re available at

Then you can download the OSM file and feed it into a local ORS instance, e.g. by building locally with Docker:

I fear it won’t get quicker than this. Well, wait. You can also get the local extract you’re interested in in XML format from Geofabrik, open it in JOSM, edit your data there, save it, convert the XML to pbf in osmium and build the graph in ORS. It might be a bit painful, since JOSM is not really designed to make import of that size, but it’s sure workable. That’s the only method to instantly check your changes. One ‘update’ cycle would take around 15 mins for the whole workflow, if you know what you’re doing.